My 6 months natural experience

img_20170113_0823241    PICS BY WANJIRA KINYANJUI.

“All this ‘natural hair’ talk is just a phase. A trend that will soon fade away just like all the other trends do and in we will have the new”, said one of my friends.

I don’t know about you but I am not natural because its currently a trend. Its a journey of self love and discovery to me. All those hours spend on the mirror styling my hair and I can now confidently stand all those fading marks acne left on my face.img_20170113_1010051

It means no more spending on those expensive weaves while neglecting my own hair. No offense to all my sisters out there who rock weaves/ perm. If that gives you confidence ma then go all out and whip it to the floor.img_20170113_1023261

Attending classes last year was not an easy task being that I used to hold my  relaxed hair in neat buns with no single strand out of place, then one day I just walk in in some ‘rugged’ afro. Those awkward stares from my classmates and lecturers were oh so obvious but I cared less.

It just saddens me how we make such a big deal out of an African wearing her God given natural hair yet it is quite ok when women of other ethnicities do so. Why does it have to be a battle when I’m invited for a job interview? Should I wear it or just look for some protective hairstyle just incase it rubs off the wrong way on one of the panelists? Why is it that African women understand so little about their hair but can name a million and one different types of weaves and differentiate them according to texture? Just being thoughtful.img_20170113_1003451

I wanted healthy kinky beautiful hair that I could wear everyday and that’s exactly what I’ve got. My relaxed hair was not doing so well I must admit.

As my hair grows wash days are becoming a nightmare since I have to detangle my hair but that is a cross I am very willingly bare. Moisture has been eluding me lately so that’s one thing I have to relearn by experimenting with different products. I have seen growth(I can now rock my puff…Lord knows how long I have waited) and cannot wait for my hair to hit 1 year this July.img_20170113_0749111

Being natural is one of the best decisions I have made so far, I have  made me new friends and my fro is always a conversation starter.  I subconsciously encourage people around me to go natural and so far so good.img_20170113_0832221

Love and love,




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