Khavesa shot it.

I buy stuff sometimes without knowing what I will pair it with in my closet. That was the situation when I was buying this body suit two years ago. I just liked it.Oh wait I know you thought this is a jumpsuit am wearing but it is not honey bun. These are two pieces. A body suit and high waisted cullote pants/shorts.

I bought the pants end of last year and when I got home I remembered I had a body suit that colour and amazingly they were the same shade. And here we are. Key point: Do not leave something you like just because you do not know how or what you will wear it with. You will be HAUNTED my friend haha.

What do you think about the shoes though? I was 50/50 when buying them. I think I bought them because I saw Lupita in similar shoes lol! I guess I like them anyway.


I am always glad to here your thoughts on my post. Feel free to comment.

Love and Love,




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