Khavesa shot it

Its finally Friday and only two days to my birthday.

Any plans you might ask? I do not think so. This week has been one rough one for me and I just want it over and done with. Hoping next week treats me better.

So now I can admit to the fact that my love for anything high waist and wide legged is not about to end anytime soon.  I am a thrift shopper for life haha  ok not really, until I am able to purchase locally designed pieces. But even so I still will not stop thrifting. I love the fact that I can style high end pieces with thrifted pieces to come up with classic looks. Anyway, I thrifted these pants at a price so low I almost wept. I am even ashamed to mention how much(hides face) Mind you they were brand new. I pay a lot of attention to quality and details while thrift shopping.

The top is a bodysuit. Yes.. I am about that bodysuit life right now until further notice! This outfit makes me want to visit the coast right about now but this Nairobi dust is all I am dealing with right now! See my life haha.img_201612353_100244




Thanks for stopping by,

As always,

Love and love,




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