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Happy new month …

Do you ever question your fashion sense sometimes?Ask yourself why on earth you love certain clothes even though most of your pals would cringe at the thought of wearing such an outfit? Most of the time it is because you just might be bolder than you thought. I get to feel this way sometimes. A times I even question why I have to blog about a certain look. Maybe its not everyone’s cup of tea so why even bother.

But in such times, I affirm myself. Monica-one of my close friends says …team kujiamini (meaning “team believe in yourself”).

That is exactly what you need to do a times. Believe in your fashion choices,believe in your fashion choices and rock it!

That said, see how I rocked this off shoulder dress-which most of my pals discouraged me from buying.Not everyone’s cup of tea so Id like to get your thoughts on this look.scov2scov 3scov5scov 1IMG_1277

Thank you for reading my blog.

Love and love,



4 thoughts on “YOUR CUP OF TEA OR NOT…

  1. #teamkujiamini
    I would so rock this look..its simple,classy and edgy at the same time!!!
    You should do an offshoulder series,u look gorge!!!!! πŸ™‚

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