So you know what they say about lemons and lemonades? After being ‘detained’ for about 3hrs(check my last blog post here if you are still clueless), we were released almost at dusk. We still had one outfit to shoot. I had actually given up on the idea of shooting since Id earlier chosen to shoot the outfit in a market but since it was already dark I figured we would just do it some other day.
Paul was however not having none of that(gotta love his resilience though). So we made our way to Toi market and came across this shop and decided to shoot.

I designed this dress in my head lol, shared my idea with my tailor and here we are. My mom got me this fabric from Uganda. Im still not over the off shoulder vibe so it inspired this dress. Good thing about such a shift dress is that it can be worn by any body size or shape. Its actually ideal for those times you want to eat yourself silly.Want a dress like this, just halla at me. Sneakers could have done the job too but I decided to go with these oldie but goldie heels.
Believe me when I say the random ones are always the best? No? Okay peep these photos. The guys at the market, particularly the shop owner were super kind to us and am forever grateful for such kind gestures.IMG_201707205_074732[1]

IMG_201707205_074413[1]IMG_201707205_075505[1]IMG_201707205_080933[1] IMG_201707205_080424[1]Took a photo with the shop owner. Find his contacts below just incase you need any utensils. I saw some that my mom would love.

Thought on the outfit anyone?
Thanks for stopping by. Love and love,


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