Hey guys,

I have been procrastinating putting up any hair related posts for no apparent reason. My apologies since I receive quite a number of questions regarding my hair on social media.

I am those naturals who could have their fro out all year round if they could. But I am aware that for length retention protective hairstyles are something I have to put into consideration.

This year I’ve plaited my hair twice and have been on a search for a go to PS. So last weekend I tried out this hairstyle Id seen on Margie of Kinky Diyctator blog a while back (check out her blog and you tube channel btw) and I actually hacked it. I just installed mini twists on my hair and styled (I twisted with marley braids at the front).

Only this week I have received so many complements and will definitely install them again and again. Going natural Id have sworn never to go out of the house with looking so ‘basic’. But I don’t think they look basic no more. I go to work with them actually.Some guys even thought I had locked my hair but meeh , I ain’t about that life. I get bored real quick.

PS:-  If you follow me on social media you already know I will be hosting my first meet and greet on the 7th of October at the Hairitage event together with 5 other bloggers. Follow me on Instagram for more deets @just_scovia.

I will also be hosting my first giveaways for Mikalla products and Marini Products(yaaaaaaaaaaaas!!) Follow me on IG  for a chance to win and watch out for the reviews.


Love and love,




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