Beautiful regardless…

Happy new month!Scovia King post-117

I do not  know if I should be sharing this but I will share anyway.

Any one who knows me,knows I’ve suffered from acne on and off for a while now.  Trust you me guys, that shit can mess up with your self esteem a good one. Allow me to just explain to you how this goes;

First of all mirrors become your worst enemy and you avoid them at all costs because you know,they are a constant reminder that your face is probably not as flawless as it used to before.The mirrors are at fast food joints are particularly  notorious. I don’t know they have a way of magnifying every and any blemish you have on your face. For the longest time I have been looking at mirrors but not necessarily focusing on my face. I would look at my hair maybe but not my face.

Walking down the streets, you notice everyone with clear skin. Probably, you stare too hard some of these strangers think you are a psycho lol. To make things worse, you meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a minute and the first thing they ask you is “what happened to your face?” Most of the time the person asking is asking for the sake of asking and does not necessarily have a solution. The acne sufferer already knows their face has issues honey. Stop reminding them !  Especially if your intention is not to help.

It gets trickier when you have a crush and your face decides not to behave and break out. You are always keen and make sure they are sitting on your good side if you know what I mean. If not, lol,  what I mean is that you make sure they are seated on your right side if your left cheek is the one breaking out.

Trying to treat acne in itself is emotionally draining given that what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Then there is always the know it alls who will not let you down your fried foods in peace telling you that is the reason why your face looks like pizza! It is not bad to offer advise, do not get it twisted. But just make sure your advise is based on FACTS. Most people with acne are vulnerable and will try anything just to get rid of it including those baseless remedies.

Have I mentioned how hard it is to walk on some streets in Nairobi because its a given that some lady  with skin color next to Rihannas(on the face) and knuckles dark as night will stop you to tell you they have a remedy to your skin issues. Do not dare follow her into that dingy shop , abort mission.

In short guys, be more sensitive and softer to that friend going through such. I am now healing ,not exactly clear but I can look myself in the mirror closely now not because I’ve healed but because I understand I am beautiful regardless. It takes a lot of courage and growth to reach this point and just say f**k it am beautiful with all these flaws acne or not and believe it from within. Because you truly are beautiful. It is just a condition and no condition is permanent.Let people meet you first not your acne!Scovia King post-116

Enough with my rambling hope this encourages someone (even just one) struggling with acne or on a journey to clear skin.If you want me to share what has worked for me, feel free to type away.

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18 thoughts on “Beautiful regardless…

  1. This is really a good article..I actually get you…coz I have like bad acne that goes all the way to my neck and yeah I would like to know what has worked for you..thanks in advance

  2. It’s such a thoughtful piece I can totally relate with the struggle.It’s not easy and can take a toll on one’s life.
    I hope this helps
    Facial Cleanser
    Maria badescu glycolic cleanser
    Facial wash
    Use either;
    Origibal dudu osun/black soap
    Johnson’s facial wash
    Acne aid
    Facial toner
    Glycolic toner
    For breakouts /pimples /rashes
    Benzoyl peroxide
    (Use day time)
    At night
    Klenzit C gel
    To even out skin
    Use alternatively
    Retin A
    Sunscreen is also imp-Sunkroma
    Then chemical peels from a qualified derm.I’d recommend Dr.Gehan Saleh.She’s really patient and understanding .
    Then the water theory 4-8 glasses.
    I know this sounds like a whole list of idk what but there’s always a solution and patience too.Then I acknowledge the fact that everyon’s skin is different but there’s nothing lost in trying.It’s a journey no one understands well till you’re the victim.Thanks for the article.

  3. Thanks for sharing,I have struggled too with acne and blemishes I have tried everything but nothing has worked. I would really love to know what has worked for you. Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks for sharing,I would love to know what has worked for you. I too have struggled with acne and blemishes. Thanks in advance.

  5. Your article could not have come at a better time. I have been on a rollercoster ride with these treatments for the last year and nothing seems to work. Please let us know what worked for you. Thanks

    1. Thanks Kemmy. I totally understand the struggle..sometimes it seems hopeless. I will put up a post on what has helped on my journey.

  6. It’s like you flipped through my journal. Been avoiding mirrors for the longest time, well any reflective surfaces for that matter including cameras but am slowly learning to look past my flaws. Great article. Loved it

    1. Hi Tett,
      Thank you.
      Glad you know you are not alone. I realized it was just in my head, gave myself a pep talk and gathered courage to just appreciate my flaws.

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