Body loving…


Pic by Bobo photography

“Although your weight might fluctuate,the way you feel about your body does not have to.”

Hey guys,

First of all thank you so much for the love I got from my previous post.  You have no idea how many times I thought of deleting that post before I actually decided to post.

Head wraps have become a staple in my closet and I am always finding new ways of incorporating them into my day to day outfits. Such a shame I cannot rock them to the office..yet!

Get you a pair of high waist cullote pants that will accentuate those curves honey. They actually did me good as you can see! I was I have been particularly quite self-conscious about wearing any figure hugging clothes of late because I feel that I have become too slim and lost my curves.OK don’t get me wrong, I am not the most curvy person out there but I have just a little bit (of curves) which I think I have lost in the past few months.#Issues I know . So I have been hiding under skater skirts and less figure hugging clothes.

I’ve lost about 4kgs in a span of about 2 months and that has got me feeling some typo way but am choosing to embrace myself in whichever weight I find myself in. There is too much noise on oh you are too skinny or too fat but that’s all bullcrap. Who ever set a standard on the ideal body weight or shape women should be in? I think the sooner we stop body shaming not only each other but also ourselves the better for our self confidence. Also I realized its all in the mind and am trying as much as I can to not let my mind bully my body..if you know what I mean.

Anyway guys, I digress. This was meant to be an outfit post smh. I would like to know your thoughts on what you guys think about this outfit right here. Cool for the holidays which are fast approaching! Yaaas!



Love and more love,



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