Happy new year!

The holidays are over and I am having trouble adjusting back to my normal routine. But hold up this post is not about me and my ramblings, its about how your girl graduated on the 22nd of December! Yes,this happened and I was super excited to be finally done with undergrad. (I graduated with a bachelors in Food Science,Nutrition and Dietetics just incase you had no idea.)IMG_201712358_065145-1[1]

God knows I went through so much just to wear that gown! From missing marks, to missing out on the graduation list in September ,I went through emotional turmoil and breakdown. I even lost weight between September and December because of this. I have never been one to struggle with matters school so when I experienced such a setback ,I felt like I had failed myself regardless of whether or not it was my fault or not. But I dusted myself up and made sure that the year did not end without me graduating come what may. And I am uber grateful that that is all done and dusted now.DSC_0006[1]

I had to wear something I had created myself and for my momma’s sake it had to be a tad bit decent. The dress had to be off shoulder just for the vibes lol. When I lose weight I tend to go for skater dresses or skirts just so my weight loss is not that evident. I know , I know am super conscious about my weight and maybe I should stop. Anyway,how do you like my dress? I know I do. Infact I loved it!IMG_201712358_043752-1[1]IMG_201712358_063911-1[1]DSC_0093[1]

Meet mom…DSC_0087[1]DSC_0090[1]

My baby sister who had also graduated a week before and momma.DSC_0107[1]

My cousin Victor.DSC_0021[1]

The graduation ceremony ended by 12 noon so my family and I had ample time for this shoot before heading for lunch and our graduation party thereafter (my sister’s and mine) which was super lit btw!!

Dress by me.

Hair from @vees_afroqueens on instagram

(I wanted it crotched full head but my cap just wouldn’t fit so I came up with this hairstyle.)

Makeup by me.

Shoes from Kim’s shoe collection.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and love,



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