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Happy new year!

The holidays are over and I am having trouble adjusting back to my normal routine. But hold up this post is not about me and my ramblings, its about how your girl graduated on the 22nd of December! Yes,this happened and I was super excited to be finally done with undergrad. (I graduated with a bachelors in Food Science,Nutrition and Dietetics just incase you had no idea.)IMG_201712358_065145-1[1]

God knows I went through so much just to wear that gown! From missing marks, to missing out on the graduation list in September ,I went through emotional turmoil and breakdown. I even lost weight between September and December because of this. I have never been one to struggle with matters school so when I experienced such a setback ,I felt like I had failed myself regardless of whether or not it was my fault or not. But I dusted myself up and made sure that the year did not end without me graduating come what may. And I am uber grateful that that is all done and dusted now.DSC_0006[1]

I had to wear something I had created myself and for my momma’s sake it had to be a tad bit decent. The dress had to be off shoulder just for the vibes lol. When I lose weight I tend to go for skater dresses or skirts just so my weight loss is not that evident. I know , I know am super conscious about my weight and maybe I should stop. Anyway,how do you like my dress? I know I do. Infact I loved it!IMG_201712358_043752-1[1]IMG_201712358_063911-1[1]DSC_0093[1]

Meet mom…DSC_0087[1]DSC_0090[1]

My baby sister who had also graduated a week before and momma.DSC_0107[1]

My cousin Victor.DSC_0021[1]

The graduation ceremony ended by 12 noon so my family and I had ample time for this shoot before heading for lunch and our graduation party thereafter (my sister’s and mine) which was super lit btw!!

Dress by me.

Hair from @vees_afroqueens on instagram

(I wanted it crotched full head but my cap just wouldn’t fit so I came up with this hairstyle.)

Makeup by me.

Shoes from Kim’s shoe collection.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and love,



Body loving…


Pic by Bobo photography

“Although your weight might fluctuate,the way you feel about your body does not have to.”

Hey guys,

First of all thank you so much for the love I got from my previous post.  You have no idea how many times I thought of deleting that post before I actually decided to post.

Head wraps have become a staple in my closet and I am always finding new ways of incorporating them into my day to day outfits. Such a shame I cannot rock them to the office..yet!

Get you a pair of high waist cullote pants that will accentuate those curves honey. They actually did me good as you can see! I was I have been particularly quite self-conscious about wearing any figure hugging clothes of late because I feel that I have become too slim and lost my curves.OK don’t get me wrong, I am not the most curvy person out there but I have just a little bit (of curves) which I think I have lost in the past few months.#Issues I know . So I have been hiding under skater skirts and less figure hugging clothes.

I’ve lost about 4kgs in a span of about 2 months and that has got me feeling some typo way but am choosing to embrace myself in whichever weight I find myself in. There is too much noise on oh you are too skinny or too fat but that’s all bullcrap. Who ever set a standard on the ideal body weight or shape women should be in? I think the sooner we stop body shaming not only each other but also ourselves the better for our self confidence. Also I realized its all in the mind and am trying as much as I can to not let my mind bully my body..if you know what I mean.

Anyway guys, I digress. This was meant to be an outfit post smh. I would like to know your thoughts on what you guys think about this outfit right here. Cool for the holidays which are fast approaching! Yaaas!



Love and more love,


Beautiful regardless…

Happy new month!Scovia King post-117

I do not  know if I should be sharing this but I will share anyway.

Any one who knows me,knows I’ve suffered from acne on and off for a while now.  Trust you me guys, that shit can mess up with your self esteem a good one. Allow me to just explain to you how this goes;

First of all mirrors become your worst enemy and you avoid them at all costs because you know,they are a constant reminder that your face is probably not as flawless as it used to before.The mirrors are at fast food joints are particularly  notorious. I don’t know they have a way of magnifying every and any blemish you have on your face. For the longest time I have been looking at mirrors but not necessarily focusing on my face. I would look at my hair maybe but not my face.

Walking down the streets, you notice everyone with clear skin. Probably, you stare too hard some of these strangers think you are a psycho lol. To make things worse, you meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a minute and the first thing they ask you is “what happened to your face?” Most of the time the person asking is asking for the sake of asking and does not necessarily have a solution. The acne sufferer already knows their face has issues honey. Stop reminding them !  Especially if your intention is not to help.

It gets trickier when you have a crush and your face decides not to behave and break out. You are always keen and make sure they are sitting on your good side if you know what I mean. If not, lol,  what I mean is that you make sure they are seated on your right side if your left cheek is the one breaking out.

Trying to treat acne in itself is emotionally draining given that what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Then there is always the know it alls who will not let you down your fried foods in peace telling you that is the reason why your face looks like pizza! It is not bad to offer advise, do not get it twisted. But just make sure your advise is based on FACTS. Most people with acne are vulnerable and will try anything just to get rid of it including those baseless remedies.

Have I mentioned how hard it is to walk on some streets in Nairobi because its a given that some lady  with skin color next to Rihannas(on the face) and knuckles dark as night will stop you to tell you they have a remedy to your skin issues. Do not dare follow her into that dingy shop , abort mission.

In short guys, be more sensitive and softer to that friend going through such. I am now healing ,not exactly clear but I can look myself in the mirror closely now not because I’ve healed but because I understand I am beautiful regardless. It takes a lot of courage and growth to reach this point and just say f**k it am beautiful with all these flaws acne or not and believe it from within. Because you truly are beautiful. It is just a condition and no condition is permanent.Let people meet you first not your acne!Scovia King post-116

Enough with my rambling hope this encourages someone (even just one) struggling with acne or on a journey to clear skin.If you want me to share what has worked for me, feel free to type away.

Thank you for stopping by,

Love and love,






Happy new month,

The past few days have not been easy for me. I have had to deal with a few major setbacks here and there in my personal. Got overwhelmed at some point thus the silence. Maybe I will be able to share on this platform sometime before end of this year.

August has taught me to be patient and have the grace to accept when things do not actually go my way. Not to spend days sulking over things that probably will not matter  five years from now.Scovia-2[1]

Anyway I have this beautiful outfit/beauty post for you guys. I’ve been loving color lately and it definitely has been evident on my posts. Such outfits just brighten my day and uplift my soul. You should try it out sometime. Scovia-5[1]


Cutouts on any outfit just turn me on. I end up buying such outfits even if that is the last coin I have lol. That is what I did when I came across this top at the market.Scovia-7[1]

Ps: This skirt is not ankara but linen so it creases real fast.

Make up by : @Poulene Jabuya on instagram.

Id love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Love and love,



IMG_201707200_054922[1]Im those guys who have never gotten in trouble even in school I never got any suspension. Probably by sheer luck or maybe, just maybe am a good girl. So the other day friends and I were out shooting content for you guys when we got into serious trouble.
Grab you a cup of tea/coffee and let me entertain you; for once.

So as usual before any of my shoots I usually scout for locations and communicate the same with my photographer Paul. I had chosen the building where I work as a location for the first outfit but just when we were about to start shooting we were informed that for some security reasons we could not take pictures in the building. My bad, I had not seek permission from the necessary officials. So we just decided to take pics on the street outside the building which came out well btw.IMG_201707200_055406[1]

Now as we were walking scouting for location for the second outfit(since we were now a displaced lot) we came across some ancient looking burnt house and thought it would make a good location. W e clearly saw the gate was closed though the padlock was not locked. So silly us, we sheepishly opened the gate without thinking, spotted a good location outside the house and started shooting. We did not ,however, manage to get into the empty house since it was locked.IMG_201707200_060938[1]

Everything was coming along well until some shabbily dressed ,drunk looking man came into the compound. Wait, did I say drunk ? I suspect the guy was high on a combination of high grade weed and Mogoka(khat). He saw us and of course he asked who we were and what we were doing there. I had already gone on panick mode and when I panick my mouth refuses to open. So Paul being the unshakeable one tells the guy we are just uni students taking pics for Facebook.(Funny how we always use the student card any time we get into any sorta trouble).

The guy just said ‘hii ni 3000′(this will cost you 3k) and didn’t even wait a single second before reaching for his phone and calling ‘MKUBWA’-his boss that is. I’m panicking af at this moment but Millie (my friend who tagged along) and Paul are just so chilled out. So Mkubwa says we shouldn’t leave before he comes to meet the crooks who have trespassed into his property. Paul being the fast thinker decides to swap memory cards just incase Mkubwa tells us to delete all the pics taken at his premise. We then took other pics (the ones am sharing on this post) as cover up.

We waited for almost 2hrs and just to calm me down, Paul and Millie bought me ice cream just to calm me down. They even afforded to joke about sleeping in jail tf. I swear I need to take some of these chill pills these two take.IMG_201707200_062952[1]

So finally Mkubwa comes. He comes in with some three guys in his car. The first thought that rings in my mind is that the guys accompanying him are police officers. I swear I almost collapsed. So Mkubwa comes out of his car and asks us to produce our IDs. My bad I had not carried mine. So when Paul and Millie produced theirs, coincidentally they were from the same tribe as Mkubwa. After realizing this Mkubwa actually starts cracking some bland jokes with us. Then I knew we were gonna get away with this. And we did actually after being given a stern warning.(Ive actually cut the long story short since I need to start heading home).
I stand to be challenged but if we could get away with this then tribalism is still a major issue in our country.

Anyway lesson learnt the hard way. I do not think I will be trespassing on anyone’s property ever. So what trouble have you ever gotten into? Ever been detained and what was the experience like? Please do share.

Love and more love,


MY A-Z series 2


Pics by Bobo photography.

Hey there,

As promised, every month I will be taking stalk of uuum well life so far. So lets see how well we have been doing.

Owning more and more African inspired outfits. Hope to share them with yall soon.

Praying that all I have planned for this year comes to pass. I want to do so much, share so much I get scared sometimes.

Quietly wishing I was at the coast right now with my dear beloved Raquel. Weird how after school life happens and you have to part with friends with whom you were once inseparable from. Any way that is life!(I had to google which words start with the letter Q LOL!)

Reading more and more this past few days. Paulo Coelho anyone? Feel free to suggest any good reads.

Singing along to some song my cousin just sent me and we both do not know the artist. Making use of google right about now!

Thinking of some crush who just went MIA lololololol. See my life!

Understanding my hair more these days. I just realized I do not need all these products for my hair. Just a few that work and keeping to my routine. Hoping that I smash those hair goals this July.

Vowing to myself to never try out some Japanese dish I recently had. Lets just say Id rather stick to African food. Guys I swear it tasted like rubber and my friend and I had to pretend to like it just so we did not disappoint our Japanese hosts. Struggles!!

Wondering how you celebrated this Valentines Day. It was just a normal Tuesday for me.

Xoxo….hugs and kisses from yours truly.( Because I cant seem to find any sane word that starts with the letter X).

Yearning for  chapatis and chicken stew. Yes I am a foodie and think about food all the time. Now you know why I am a nutritionist lol!

Zeroing in on a project I am working on with le bestie.img_20170222_172343

Its a wrap that  was not the easiest thing I have done today. Anyway, have yourselves a lovely evening and thank you for stopping by.

Love and Love,


My 6 months natural experience

img_20170113_0823241    PICS BY WANJIRA KINYANJUI.

“All this ‘natural hair’ talk is just a phase. A trend that will soon fade away just like all the other trends do and in we will have the new”, said one of my friends.

I don’t know about you but I am not natural because its currently a trend. Its a journey of self love and discovery to me. All those hours spend on the mirror styling my hair and I can now confidently stand all those fading marks acne left on my face.img_20170113_1010051

It means no more spending on those expensive weaves while neglecting my own hair. No offense to all my sisters out there who rock weaves/ perm. If that gives you confidence ma then go all out and whip it to the floor.img_20170113_1023261

Attending classes last year was not an easy task being that I used to hold my  relaxed hair in neat buns with no single strand out of place, then one day I just walk in in some ‘rugged’ afro. Those awkward stares from my classmates and lecturers were oh so obvious but I cared less.

It just saddens me how we make such a big deal out of an African wearing her God given natural hair yet it is quite ok when women of other ethnicities do so. Why does it have to be a battle when I’m invited for a job interview? Should I wear it or just look for some protective hairstyle just incase it rubs off the wrong way on one of the panelists? Why is it that African women understand so little about their hair but can name a million and one different types of weaves and differentiate them according to texture? Just being thoughtful.img_20170113_1003451

I wanted healthy kinky beautiful hair that I could wear everyday and that’s exactly what I’ve got. My relaxed hair was not doing so well I must admit.

As my hair grows wash days are becoming a nightmare since I have to detangle my hair but that is a cross I am very willingly bare. Moisture has been eluding me lately so that’s one thing I have to relearn by experimenting with different products. I have seen growth(I can now rock my puff…Lord knows how long I have waited) and cannot wait for my hair to hit 1 year this July.img_20170113_0749111

Being natural is one of the best decisions I have made so far, I have  made me new friends and my fro is always a conversation starter.  I subconsciously encourage people around me to go natural and so far so good.img_20170113_0832221

Love and love,



My A-Z series

img_201612356_015151Khavesa Shot it.

Happy new year guys.

I have decided to introduce a new series this year. Its my A- Z series ..kinda like taking a recap of the whole month thing. I hope to recap every month so here is the first one.

Admitting that I am getting older faster than I anticipated maybe. Who else goes through this? I turn 24 this month and am a bit worried that I do not have it all figured out.When growing up I thought id be married and have a beautiful career by the time I turned 25 hahaha. Oh how naive ….

Becoming more and more fond of reading poems. My current craze right now is the book “Questions for Ada ” by Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

Creating outfit looks in my head as I type.Multi tasking much, I hope to improve in terms of being a creative.

Deciding to stay on my lane and avoid comparing myself with others since this only brews jealousy and devours me of my inner peace. Instead am learning to be happy for others and focus on bettering myself.

Events,events, events. I need to attend more of these this year. Enough of me and my introverted ways (sometimes/most of the time). I need to go out there and make new friends.img_201612353_103510

Finding it hard to stay with my hair open in this Nairobi weather. My hair keeps losing moisture I can’t deal.

Getting older . I celebrate my birthday on 30th of this month.With all this brokeness I just see myself eating cake in the house and calling it a day!

Hoping to land me a job soon. Who is hiring and does not need all those extraordinary number of years of experience? I can do anything…haha yea right.

Intending on learning how to sew since am done with uni now and finally get it off my bucket list.

Juggling thoughts of what I actually want to do in the long run. Be a full time nutritionist/ or a stylist or just juggle both. Time will tell. But I know where my heart leans towards though.

Keeping in mind that this year might come with its challenges but being that I have carried myself through days so bitter even angels would weep but I am still here;I will overcome.

Loving how my Bantu knot outs turned out. I still cant hack twist outs though. Where are all my naturalista friends… I need help.

Missing my uni day already!!!!!!I miss the friends I made over the years.

New year same ol bish though haha,working to better herself.

Happy and blessed year guys. O-Z to be continued in Feb God willingimg_201612353_103217

Love and Love ,



Different colours……..

” Stop comparing skin tones, who cares if your skin is lighter or darker than the person standing next to you? Change can only happen once you can truthfully look in the mirror and love that deep chocolate,cinnamon,Mocha or caramel complexion.”

Alice D. LoveIMG-20160813-WA0021[1]

 Photography by Elius.

Hey guys,

guess what? Am now done with my exams and can go ahead and can sleep all I want at least till Monday. Well beside that I just thought I would share this with you guys.

Growing up, I really did not think being dark was beautiful. I mean all the media adverts and music videos used light skinned models and vixens. I silently wished my skin was a little bit lighter than it actually was. So right after after high school I developed some rashes on my face and went to the chemist to get some over the counter remedy for my skin and was given some cream.To my amusement this cream cleared the rashes and also made me two shades lighter.I guess it had some skin lightening components. You don’t know how happy I was. I was convinced that I looked more attractive than my original skin colour.

Woe unto me when all that was left of my smooth ‘light skin’ was eczema and acne combined, a month later.That was the beginning of my skin troubles. I have never been that depressed in my life. I have struggled with skin issues for about 4 years now but am glad that the eczema is all gone and what is left is periodic mild-moderate acne once in a while. I’ve gone back to my original skin colour and learnt to appreciate it .In fact right now I can not have it any other way. All our skin colours and tones are beautiful. Besides someone else’s  beauty does not in anyway diminish yours.

This inspired my shoot the other day and I included one of my friends who is light skinned. Her name is Doreen. Isn’t she gorgeous?She is one of the most trendiest and colourful people I know.IMG-20160813-WA0023[1]

The athleisure trend has caught up with me and you will find me in sneakers 95% of the time. I particularly love the dress and sneakers combo. I’m totally in love with my adidas originals sneakers . We paired our sneakers with skater dresses and of course headwraps because well, am obsessed with them.

Thoughts on the outfits?

Love and love,



50 random facts about me part II

Hey guys I know this post is long over due, my apologies. Sometimes life just happens. So lets do this…

26. My baptismal name is Veronica but I rarely use the name partly because I do not think I look like a Veronica plus Scovia has more oomph to it or so I think.

27. I am a fixer. I am attracted to things I do not understand.. something I think will put me in trouble some day.

28. I think I have multiple faces especially when it comes to photos. I look slightly different in different photos don’t you think?

29.I am always amused with how my brain works. I never do things the conventional way most of the time. I sincerely do not know if this is  plus or minus for me but I just think that if 1+9=10 so is 3+7 and 2+8.

30. The last time I cried was ummmmm… well I can not remember.

31.I love cooking. I am not sure if my cooking is the best though. I cook for the family 98% of the time when home. I hope to take a short culinary course maybe after am done with my degree course.. Just for the record I can cook Ugali for about 12 people(pats myself on the shoulder because I know most of my friends cant cook even for 1.

32. I am 5’6 inches tall and weigh  59 kilos.

33.I’d like to have a maximum of two kids . If God is kind enough a boy and a girl in that order. Well because I just think a girl needs a big brother.

34.I obsess over stuff, not in a bad way though.

35.I do not have any single tattoo on my body and only one piercing. I”d love to have a tattoo though but I am not a sucker for pain.

36. I recently cut my hair..OK by this I do not mean that I went the bald way but I was kinda done with that whole transitioning thing so I cut the relaxed part . I am not sure I like how I look with short hair, am 50/50 about it. Sometimes I am not sure I recognize the girl I see on the mirror but I definitely have no regrets on going natural.

37. I find confidence so attractive in other people, especially of the opposite sex , oh and a good cologne just melts my heart away. If you know how to dress well (and by well i do not mean sagging jeans) that is just a plus.

38. Four things that make me extremely happy are good food, good music , good company and shooooeees!!!

39. My zodiac sign is aquarius  am not so sure if it truly explains my personality though.

40. The last person I texted is ……….. just someone I am getting to know. No need to mention names.

41. The most traumatic experience in my life was losing my dad three and a half years back.

42. I am worried about something to do with school and hope by the end of the day everything will be sorted.

43. My best sequels at the moment are Quantico and how to get away with murder. Hope am not alone on this one.

44. I think our parents are always right  (most of the time).

45. I love my skin colour just the way it is and would never want to be lighter or darker than I already am, thats why I started a movement by the name ‘love your melanin’. You can use that hashtag on the gram when you upload a photo that shows a moment in which you are most confident in your skin colour and join in the movement. You can also follow me on instagram @just_scovia.

46. I do not like it when people touch my face for no apparent reason especially if I do not know you like that.

47.The last person I had a deep or lets just say a ‘real’conversation with was my photographer Sophie.

48.I am not a morning person so I’d rather read till late at night than wake up early in the morning. But this does not apply when say I have an exam the next day…the pressure can make me read the whole night lol.

49. I have never studied or lived anywhere else apart from in Nairobi.

50.  I intend to own my first house by the time I am 30.I pray for that every single day.IMG_20160378_063601

And there we go am done but you are free to ask me any questions on the comment box and I will answer sincerely.You can read  part one of this too..

Love and love,