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Hey guys,

I have been procrastinating putting up any hair related posts for no apparent reason. My apologies since I receive quite a number of questions regarding my hair on social media.

I am those naturals who could have their fro out all year round if they could. But I am aware that for length retention protective hairstyles are something I have to put into consideration.

This year I’ve plaited my hair twice and have been on a search for a go to PS. So last weekend I tried out this hairstyle Id seen on Margie of Kinky Diyctator blog a while back (check out her blog and you tube channel btw) and I actually hacked it. I just installed mini twists on my hair and styled (I twisted with marley braids at the front).

Only this week I have received so many complements and will definitely install them again and again. Going natural Id have sworn never to go out of the house with looking so ‘basic’. But I don’t think they look basic no more. I go to work with them actually.Some guys even thought I had locked my hair but meeh , I ain’t about that life. I get bored real quick.

PS:-  If you follow me on social media you already know I will be hosting my first meet and greet on the 7th of October at the Hairitage event together with 5 other bloggers. Follow me on Instagram for more deets @just_scovia.

I will also be hosting my first giveaways for Mikalla products and Marini Products(yaaaaaaaaaaaas!!) Follow me on IG  for a chance to win and watch out for the reviews.


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Drum rolls for this mane that turns one year today!! Exactly one year ago I came home from school, went straight to the bedroom, picked a pair of scissors and asked my mom to cut all my relaxed hair.I bet she thought I was loosing it but she still went ahead and cut it. I was left with about an inch of hair. The shock of having short hair is a feeling I still cant put into words. The last time I had short hair was about ten years ago. I did not really like how I looked but psyched myself telling myself that I am not my hair. Mark you I had a shoot the next day. That still has to be the most difficult shoot I’ve had. I was there trying to feign confidence and the shock on my photographer’s face when she saw my new look was not helping.So my one year natural hair journey has been a roller coaster of sorts but well worth it. So I decided to put down some of my two cents about my journey so far ( its gonna be a long one get you some cup of tea).IMG_201707191_025616[1]

1. Our journeys are totally different.
First of my hair is totally different from my sisters’ even my mom’s. What works for me most of the time does not work for them. Similarly, what works for your favorite natural hair blogger might not work for you. I learnt this after a lot of trial and error with products I saw working for other bloggers.IMG_201707191_015153[3]

2. You do not have to be a product junky.
I am just an intern right now and splurging on hair products is not something I am ready to indulge in. Luckily for me, by the fourth month being natural I had already established what actually worked products worked for me and stuck with them. I do try my hands on new products once in a while but I know my basics. I’m told what works now might not work two years to come but we will see.2015-01-01 00.00.00-12

3.As your hair grows, detangling becomes a pain in the neck(ok it has been for me).
This is one thing I hate about natural hair. I sincerely dread detangling especially since my hair seems to be getting thicker by the day. If any of y’all know how I can make my detangling sessions better please hit the comment box.IMG_201707191_030211[1]

4. Discipline is key.
Heck yea!!Even those self proclaimed lazy naturals follow a routine and regimen. On those days you are feeling lazy af and your eyes feel hella heavy, guess what? You have to make sure le hair is in a bun and well wrapped in a satin bonne/scarf. My family complains that I spend a lot of time on my hair!!(Well I don’t think so) Wash days have to be just that, WASH DAYS! The mane has to be washed without fail. Being natural has taught me how to be disciplined and consistent in everything I do if ever I expect to see results.IMG_201707191_032345[1]

5.Not everyone will like your hair. Deal with it.
I have come to understand that being natural is a decision I made for myself and not for anyone else. Be proud of it and don’t feel intimidated or cowed anytime someone comments negatively on your hair. You like it that way and that’s all that matters.IMG_201707191_054559[1]

6. Do not think you will reach waist length overnight.
I am a length chaser so hard. Even so I do not obsess over it. So long as the diet is right, and you are drinking enough water, the hair will grow. I have tried as much as possible to minimize breakage and eventually I have retained length and I bet my hair is healthy. I am at give or take seven inches now. See God!! Then again our hairs do not grow at the same rate so please stick to your lane and stop comparing your journey with anyone else.IMG_201707191_025235[1]

7. It takes time to master some hairstyles stop stressing!!
I only learnt how to hack two strand twists about two months ago though bantu knots were just a breeze from day one. Funny enough the last two times I tried out bantu knots , unraveling was just a mess. I ended up with one too many tangles I was almost in tears. I’m yet to find out what went wrong.IMG_201707191_021035[1]

8. Sometimes the mane will not behave and that’s okay.
I remember getting so frustrated one night when trying out some hairstyle for the coming week and shit just backfired on me. I swear I’d have cut my hair that day ..thank God I did not though. Our God given puff will always come through in such difficult times lol!!

9.Connecting with fellow naturals will help you a great deal.
Lets face it,you will never know everything. For me joining natural hair groups such as Tricia’s Naturals on Facebook, having natural hair buddies and attending natural hair events has really helped. I have learnt a great deal from other naturals and having people who can relate to some of these experiences around me is a plus.

10.Self love!!
I spend so much time on the mirror I have no option but to accept myself with all these flaws.I am not saying I do not have days when I just feel like shit but my hair is definitely a confidence booster.

The big question still remains is it worth it? Me thinks….HELL FREAKING YAAAAS!!!

PS :I am no expert in this I am sharing stuff I’ve learnt through my own experience. I hope this helps and encourages a newbie out there.
Are you natural or thinking of becoming one, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment box.

Love and love,

My 6 months natural experience

img_20170113_0823241    PICS BY WANJIRA KINYANJUI.

“All this ‘natural hair’ talk is just a phase. A trend that will soon fade away just like all the other trends do and in we will have the new”, said one of my friends.

I don’t know about you but I am not natural because its currently a trend. Its a journey of self love and discovery to me. All those hours spend on the mirror styling my hair and I can now confidently stand all those fading marks acne left on my face.img_20170113_1010051

It means no more spending on those expensive weaves while neglecting my own hair. No offense to all my sisters out there who rock weaves/ perm. If that gives you confidence ma then go all out and whip it to the floor.img_20170113_1023261

Attending classes last year was not an easy task being that I used to hold my  relaxed hair in neat buns with no single strand out of place, then one day I just walk in in some ‘rugged’ afro. Those awkward stares from my classmates and lecturers were oh so obvious but I cared less.

It just saddens me how we make such a big deal out of an African wearing her God given natural hair yet it is quite ok when women of other ethnicities do so. Why does it have to be a battle when I’m invited for a job interview? Should I wear it or just look for some protective hairstyle just incase it rubs off the wrong way on one of the panelists? Why is it that African women understand so little about their hair but can name a million and one different types of weaves and differentiate them according to texture? Just being thoughtful.img_20170113_1003451

I wanted healthy kinky beautiful hair that I could wear everyday and that’s exactly what I’ve got. My relaxed hair was not doing so well I must admit.

As my hair grows wash days are becoming a nightmare since I have to detangle my hair but that is a cross I am very willingly bare. Moisture has been eluding me lately so that’s one thing I have to relearn by experimenting with different products. I have seen growth(I can now rock my puff…Lord knows how long I have waited) and cannot wait for my hair to hit 1 year this July.img_20170113_0749111

Being natural is one of the best decisions I have made so far, I have  made me new friends and my fro is always a conversation starter.  I subconsciously encourage people around me to go natural and so far so good.img_20170113_0832221

Love and love,



Roller set on natural 4c hair

img_201611315_040044Hey guys,

once again I will apologize for my inconsistency. I will be sitting for my finals in a few days so you can already imagine all the pressure am dealing with in terms of studies.As a matter of fact I am just from sitting from a CAT which effed me over big time after sleepless nights of reading and study groups! Smh. Ever been in the middle of an exam, looked around you and everyone else(OK almost everyone else) is staring at you wondering what the hell there is to write; so you start wondering whether you are the one on the right or wrong? No? Lucky you.

Anyway onto matters hair now, I’ve been natural for about for months now and have been really adventurous with my hair trying out new DIY hairstyles here and there. So after undoing my protective hairstyle(conrows) , I decided to try out a roller set to see how it would turn out. Actually I did not expect the results I did but oh well, it turned out better than I actually expected. Seriously the versatility of natural hair never ceases to amaze me and so far I can proudly see I made the right decision cutting my hair. So here were my results.

How I achieved this hairstyle.img_201611315_042957

1.I washed and deep conditioned my hair.

2.Used the LOC method (liquid/leave-in, oil and cream) to lock in moisture. Cantu leave in conditioner and shea butter did it for me.

3.Used rollers (similar to those used in salon) to stretch my hair. I portioned my hair into small portions and rolled each portion around a roller and secured.Note: Roll your hair to the direction in which you envision styling your hair.

4. I let it air dry the whole weekend and undid them the next week on Monday morning.I bet a day in the sun could do the trick or better still use a drier(but am not about the heat life!)

5. Used a hair band to bring the hair at the sides and back together, leaving the front piece free. The compliments came in from every corner, even from strangers on the streets.img_201611315_075301img_201611315_041142img_201611315_041224img_201611315_041940

PS: Sleeping in rollers could be a bit uncomfortable but if you really want the hairstyle, a little effort will not hurt.

I figured a video would have been better but I am not yet comfortable shooting videos yet so please bear with me.

Was it a hit or a miss? Cant wait to hear from you.

Love and love,





“I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.”
-Tracee Ellis Rosshair[1]

Photography by Blacksappho.

Hey thank you for stopping by,

If you follow me on social media then you already know that I cut my hair about a month and a half ago July 7th to be precise. I’ve had relaxed hair for over a decade now and it came as a surprise to many since  I had always sworn NEVER to cut my hair. In fact I cringed at the mere thought of it but truth be told since the beginning of the year my hair  had not been at its best.It was breaking at a very alarming rate I’d  have sworn I was going bald lol.

I had subconsciously admired most naturalistas especially on instagram and slowly started reading blogs and articles on natural hair. Margiey Akinyi’s blog  “kinky diyctator” was extremely useful and the fact that I know her in person was actually a plus since I’m always in awe of her natural hair. I last relaxed my hair in December last year, decided to transition beginning of this year  and finally last month I decided to cut it.I was fed up with that transitioning life….dealing with two textures is not easy my friend!

After cutting my hair I cannot really explain how amazing it felt to feel my kinky hair. The volume and the fact that I could now don an afro makes natural hair the it for me. I do not intend on heat treating my hair anytime soon. I took down my faux locks yesterday and am now rocking a fro.

My friend Margie has been on speed dial since then. Am always pestering her on what to do and what not to.She is such a darling though, you all should take a look at her blog if you have not already.Styling and detangling is a major hustle but I think with time i will learn. Am not a natural hair expert though but once in a while I might post on my hair progress, challenges and products am using. If there is anything else you would like me to address kindly leave me a suggestion.

Love and Love,