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Oldie but goldie

AirBrush_20180514082754Hey guys,

Thought I should share my new obsession with y’all. Silk/satin is my new obsession. I need tops in every color but a jungle green one (with a plunging neck line) right now will make me extremely happy.

That said, I thought I’d pair my new silk top with this pleated skirt(an oldie but goldie). The tassle earrings and the head wraps are just for the vibes (and also because I was having a bad hair day lol).

Ion what do you prefer; blog posts or You Tube videos. Been contemplating on what to give priority to. I am actually wondering if people still read blogs. Waiting for your comments in the comment section below.


It started raining mid shoot but at least I had gotten enough shots for this look. Thoughts?AirBrush_20180513181438AirBrush_20180513191055

Love and love,



wrapped up

AirBrush_20180407134546[1]Hi there,

long time no post?  Sometimes a break is always as good as a change. I am now back to regular posting and thank you for stopping by and staying with me.

While I was away, I started my you tube channel which I am excited about but still struggling to actually get a hang of.  You can actually check it out here .

In other news, I put together this outfit the other day which made me just crave traveling to the coast.Wrap tops are so in right now and I personally think every fashion forward belle should own one  in their closet. You can pair them with high waist pants , tuck them in under A line skirts or pencil skirts etc.   This is how I wore mine. Thoughts anyone?AirBrush_20180407134705[1]AirBrush_20180407140848[1]AirBrush_20180413141257[1]AirBrush_20180407144030[1]AirBrush_20180407143412[1]

Till next time,

Love and love ,



Happy new year!

The holidays are over and I am having trouble adjusting back to my normal routine. But hold up this post is not about me and my ramblings, its about how your girl graduated on the 22nd of December! Yes,this happened and I was super excited to be finally done with undergrad. (I graduated with a bachelors in Food Science,Nutrition and Dietetics just incase you had no idea.)IMG_201712358_065145-1[1]

God knows I went through so much just to wear that gown! From missing marks, to missing out on the graduation list in September ,I went through emotional turmoil and breakdown. I even lost weight between September and December because of this. I have never been one to struggle with matters school so when I experienced such a setback ,I felt like I had failed myself regardless of whether or not it was my fault or not. But I dusted myself up and made sure that the year did not end without me graduating come what may. And I am uber grateful that that is all done and dusted now.DSC_0006[1]

I had to wear something I had created myself and for my momma’s sake it had to be a tad bit decent. The dress had to be off shoulder just for the vibes lol. When I lose weight I tend to go for skater dresses or skirts just so my weight loss is not that evident. I know , I know am super conscious about my weight and maybe I should stop. Anyway,how do you like my dress? I know I do. Infact I loved it!IMG_201712358_043752-1[1]IMG_201712358_063911-1[1]DSC_0093[1]

Meet mom…DSC_0087[1]DSC_0090[1]

My baby sister who had also graduated a week before and momma.DSC_0107[1]

My cousin Victor.DSC_0021[1]

The graduation ceremony ended by 12 noon so my family and I had ample time for this shoot before heading for lunch and our graduation party thereafter (my sister’s and mine) which was super lit btw!!

Dress by me.

Hair from @vees_afroqueens on instagram

(I wanted it crotched full head but my cap just wouldn’t fit so I came up with this hairstyle.)

Makeup by me.

Shoes from Kim’s shoe collection.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and love,



IMG_201712341_110932[1]Can we just be allowed to dress however we want ,whenever we want without being tagged names? A friend of mine passed by my desk and saw me editing these photos and innocently asked where I would wear this particular dress without being tagged a h**.  Why is the society too judgemental? Can’t I just be myself? I  have always been for the idea that if you have features you like and would like to flaunt;go ahead hunny and flaunt them. (Remember to keep it classy though.)

Yes yes, I know we should be considerate of others when dressing and I try being just that. Like for instance I wouldn’t show up to the office end year party like this because ;you know  there will be too much skin hence  not appropriate.

But this for a red carpet event will be fire!!! I always aim to create a wardrobe that is versatile in that if I want to be a tad bit conservative I have stuff to wear and when am just craving to show off some skin I’d still have something to wear.

Anyway, here is one of the dresses I designed together with my tailor and am totally happy with the outcome. Are you?

PS:- An online friend of mine (Sheila) sent me these shoes after I mentioned I liked them on her post. Such a kind soul right?

Love and  love,






Body loving…


Pic by Bobo photography

“Although your weight might fluctuate,the way you feel about your body does not have to.”

Hey guys,

First of all thank you so much for the love I got from my previous post.  You have no idea how many times I thought of deleting that post before I actually decided to post.

Head wraps have become a staple in my closet and I am always finding new ways of incorporating them into my day to day outfits. Such a shame I cannot rock them to the office..yet!

Get you a pair of high waist cullote pants that will accentuate those curves honey. They actually did me good as you can see! I was I have been particularly quite self-conscious about wearing any figure hugging clothes of late because I feel that I have become too slim and lost my curves.OK don’t get me wrong, I am not the most curvy person out there but I have just a little bit (of curves) which I think I have lost in the past few months.#Issues I know . So I have been hiding under skater skirts and less figure hugging clothes.

I’ve lost about 4kgs in a span of about 2 months and that has got me feeling some typo way but am choosing to embrace myself in whichever weight I find myself in. There is too much noise on oh you are too skinny or too fat but that’s all bullcrap. Who ever set a standard on the ideal body weight or shape women should be in? I think the sooner we stop body shaming not only each other but also ourselves the better for our self confidence. Also I realized its all in the mind and am trying as much as I can to not let my mind bully my body..if you know what I mean.

Anyway guys, I digress. This was meant to be an outfit post smh. I would like to know your thoughts on what you guys think about this outfit right here. Cool for the holidays which are fast approaching! Yaaas!



Love and more love,



Sometimes the city gets too busy. Couple that with the stresses of everyday life (trust me I have been having so many of these lately), a vacay is all one needs a times. I rarely get time to travel out of town basically because you happened so I am always looking for ways and places to ‘get away’ to even if it doesn’t include going out of town(Nairobi that is).IMG_201710289_073219[1]

Pics by Bobo Photography.

Paul, my photographer suggested we have a shoot at the Kings Post in Westlands Nairobi. Id never heard of the place but my oh my ! This place is coast away from coast you guys. The Arabic/Swahili architectural design of the hotel and apartments is what got me.The ambience is breathtaking. Trust me on this because this post is not sponsored.  For a split second I thought I was in Lamu. Yall should definitely visit. I plan on visiting over and over again.

In my next couple of posts, I will share with you guys photos I took there.  My turban was inspired by the Swahili and Savai actually wrapped it up for me. Peep her outfit btw. I love love love I expected more from this onesie ; there was something disappointing about it ,I just cant figure out what. I think I bought it when I’d put on some weight and right now I’ve lost weight like crazy( I dont really know why) so the fit was clearly not the same. Have you tried out onesies before?IMG_201710289_071338[1]IMG_201710289_072021[1]IMG_201710289_071139[1]IMG_201710289_070823[1]IMG_201710289_071521[1]IMG_201710289_093650[1]IMG_201710289_074317[1]IMG_201710289_070143[1]Scovia King post-60

This baby was too cute for us not to notice!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Love and Love,





Happy new month,

The past few days have not been easy for me. I have had to deal with a few major setbacks here and there in my personal. Got overwhelmed at some point thus the silence. Maybe I will be able to share on this platform sometime before end of this year.

August has taught me to be patient and have the grace to accept when things do not actually go my way. Not to spend days sulking over things that probably will not matter  five years from now.Scovia-2[1]

Anyway I have this beautiful outfit/beauty post for you guys. I’ve been loving color lately and it definitely has been evident on my posts. Such outfits just brighten my day and uplift my soul. You should try it out sometime. Scovia-5[1]


Cutouts on any outfit just turn me on. I end up buying such outfits even if that is the last coin I have lol. That is what I did when I came across this top at the market.Scovia-7[1]

Ps: This skirt is not ankara but linen so it creases real fast.

Make up by : @Poulene Jabuya on instagram.

Id love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Love and love,



IMG_201708226_044126[1]Pics by Bobo Photography

Being a creative can be emotionally draining a times. One time you are overflowing with ideas you are not sure which one to implement first; the next minute you are dealing with serious mental block. Other times am just second guessing myself and wondering if its all worth it. But on days such as today, I decide to just create anyway. How many can relate though? No one? Okay…
I have been holding back these pics for a while now. I do not why but am doing it now! So if you’ve been reading my blog lately or following me on social media you already know that the plunging neck and off shoulder trends are not trends am willing to let go of anytime soon. I was trying to incorporate the two into one outfit. And here we are!(pats myself on the back).
At first I wanted to pair this outfit with some killer heel but meeh.. that would be too obvious right? So I went with these babies from Nike. What you think? These sneakers are uber comfortable btw I’m contemplating getting another pair.

If you are fierce, a baddie and a tad bit controversial,then this is a look you could rock.IMG_201708226_044601[1]

Id like to here from you. How do you like my Ankara look book so far?IMG_201708226_032516[1]IMG_201708226_043907[1]IMG_201708226_044351[1]IMG_201708226_035928[1]IMG_201708226_041105[1]<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2637" src=”; alt=”IMG_201708226_043356[1]” width=”667″ height=”676″ />

Love and love,





So you know what they say about lemons and lemonades? After being ‘detained’ for about 3hrs(check my last blog post here if you are still clueless), we were released almost at dusk. We still had one outfit to shoot. I had actually given up on the idea of shooting since Id earlier chosen to shoot the outfit in a market but since it was already dark I figured we would just do it some other day.
Paul was however not having none of that(gotta love his resilience though). So we made our way to Toi market and came across this shop and decided to shoot.

I designed this dress in my head lol, shared my idea with my tailor and here we are. My mom got me this fabric from Uganda. Im still not over the off shoulder vibe so it inspired this dress. Good thing about such a shift dress is that it can be worn by any body size or shape. Its actually ideal for those times you want to eat yourself silly.Want a dress like this, just halla at me. Sneakers could have done the job too but I decided to go with these oldie but goldie heels.
Believe me when I say the random ones are always the best? No? Okay peep these photos. The guys at the market, particularly the shop owner were super kind to us and am forever grateful for such kind gestures.IMG_201707205_074732[1]

IMG_201707205_074413[1]IMG_201707205_075505[1]IMG_201707205_080933[1] IMG_201707205_080424[1]Took a photo with the shop owner. Find his contacts below just incase you need any utensils. I saw some that my mom would love.

Thought on the outfit anyone?
Thanks for stopping by. Love and love,


IMG_201707200_054922[1]Im those guys who have never gotten in trouble even in school I never got any suspension. Probably by sheer luck or maybe, just maybe am a good girl. So the other day friends and I were out shooting content for you guys when we got into serious trouble.
Grab you a cup of tea/coffee and let me entertain you; for once.

So as usual before any of my shoots I usually scout for locations and communicate the same with my photographer Paul. I had chosen the building where I work as a location for the first outfit but just when we were about to start shooting we were informed that for some security reasons we could not take pictures in the building. My bad, I had not seek permission from the necessary officials. So we just decided to take pics on the street outside the building which came out well btw.IMG_201707200_055406[1]

Now as we were walking scouting for location for the second outfit(since we were now a displaced lot) we came across some ancient looking burnt house and thought it would make a good location. W e clearly saw the gate was closed though the padlock was not locked. So silly us, we sheepishly opened the gate without thinking, spotted a good location outside the house and started shooting. We did not ,however, manage to get into the empty house since it was locked.IMG_201707200_060938[1]

Everything was coming along well until some shabbily dressed ,drunk looking man came into the compound. Wait, did I say drunk ? I suspect the guy was high on a combination of high grade weed and Mogoka(khat). He saw us and of course he asked who we were and what we were doing there. I had already gone on panick mode and when I panick my mouth refuses to open. So Paul being the unshakeable one tells the guy we are just uni students taking pics for Facebook.(Funny how we always use the student card any time we get into any sorta trouble).

The guy just said ‘hii ni 3000′(this will cost you 3k) and didn’t even wait a single second before reaching for his phone and calling ‘MKUBWA’-his boss that is. I’m panicking af at this moment but Millie (my friend who tagged along) and Paul are just so chilled out. So Mkubwa says we shouldn’t leave before he comes to meet the crooks who have trespassed into his property. Paul being the fast thinker decides to swap memory cards just incase Mkubwa tells us to delete all the pics taken at his premise. We then took other pics (the ones am sharing on this post) as cover up.

We waited for almost 2hrs and just to calm me down, Paul and Millie bought me ice cream just to calm me down. They even afforded to joke about sleeping in jail tf. I swear I need to take some of these chill pills these two take.IMG_201707200_062952[1]

So finally Mkubwa comes. He comes in with some three guys in his car. The first thought that rings in my mind is that the guys accompanying him are police officers. I swear I almost collapsed. So Mkubwa comes out of his car and asks us to produce our IDs. My bad I had not carried mine. So when Paul and Millie produced theirs, coincidentally they were from the same tribe as Mkubwa. After realizing this Mkubwa actually starts cracking some bland jokes with us. Then I knew we were gonna get away with this. And we did actually after being given a stern warning.(Ive actually cut the long story short since I need to start heading home).
I stand to be challenged but if we could get away with this then tribalism is still a major issue in our country.

Anyway lesson learnt the hard way. I do not think I will be trespassing on anyone’s property ever. So what trouble have you ever gotten into? Ever been detained and what was the experience like? Please do share.

Love and more love,